How it works

See the big picture

Our dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of all customers, statuses, and predicted disruptions so you know where to proactively focus your efforts.

Manage itineraries

Quickly drill down to see which itineraries are at risk of delay or missed connections.

Track the details

View complete details for any passenger, itinerary, or flight, plus explore alternative flights for those at-risk.

Manage 5 flights or 5,000

Lumo Navigator is for anyone who manages flights – from large travel management companies, small businesses, to meeting & events planners.

  • Identify travelers who are at-risk of delays or missed connection, and manage them proactively.
  • Filter by airports, delay risk, traveler, and more.
  • White-label Lumo Navigator and share with your customers.

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What people are saying

The travel ecosystem needs to do a better job of helping [travelers] make better itinerary decisions, whether it’s helping him choose a better flight or to react proactively to potential delays to minimize the cost of last-minute rescheduling.

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20 Feb 2018 

We want to help travellers be able to act, not react, to what is impacting their itineraries. Instead of flight tracking we monitor flights for users—anticipating future delay and alerting them to potential problems.

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Business Travel IQ

Phocuswright Battleground: The Americas, September 2017, Finalist

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Phocuswright Battleground

In a market where services compete to simply inform passengers of delays after they have happened, Lumo’s offering stands out because they assess the risk of delay before it happens, helping passengers proactively manage their delays instead of simply reacting to them.

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Ivan Imana
CIO, Adelman Travel 

“We felt Lumo was another one of those tools” to make operations less reactive and more proactive.

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Joe Curtis
VP Sales & Client Strategies, Acendas Travel 

Flight disruptions are unavoidable, but the effect on travelers can be mitigated.

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BTN App Analysis
Aug 2017 

Instead of focusing on getting a traveler out of a mess, which is like putting out a fire, use the data to fireproof the trip.

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Business Travel Execuative
April 2017 

Lumo gives me that trusted advisor role to produce goodwill, interact with travelers and make sure they get a good experience

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The Company Dime

Lumo was created so that not only can you see the risk of your flight being delayed, but also quickly seek a better alternative.

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Digital Trends

As someone who spends a lot of time on the road for their job, I have come to truly appreciate and value every bit of my time at home. Lumo has proven to be an invaluable resource for me…not only did they accurately predict my flight delay, but they predicted it before even the airline was aware of it.

Eduardo Munoz
Road Warrior 

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