Lumo Navigator is here — take the drama out of managing travel

Flight delays stink if you’re a traveler—we’ve all been there. What’s less obvious is that delays are just as frustrating to those who manage others’ travel as they are to travelers themselves.

Over the past few years, executive assistants, meetings & events planners, and travel agents have shared with us stories of stress caused by the lack of visibility into delays, of hours spent hitting refresh on weather forecast and flight status websites, and of last-minute scrambles to rebook travelers. We listened.

We built Lumo Navigator—a portal into another dimension where you can see delays before they happen, plan for them, and head them off proactively, to help you and your travelers achieve drama-free travel.


Don’t just take our word for it—Lumo has been battle-tested in the field.

“I used to spend hours going down the list of my travelers to see which one was delayed – this gives me a way to go straight to the ones that need my help” Meetings coordinator at global Travel Management Company


“I don’t have the time in my day to keep checking the weather, hitting refresh, etc. It’s really great to have a portal I can go into that I can see at a glance what’s going on with all of my flights, what my alternatives are and when I’m not inside the portal still be able to receive alerts and updates that keep me current.”  Executive Assistant at a global Management Consulting firm

“… being able to track if your flight will be delayed in advance is essential given we tend to book their travel with little wiggle room for delays/cancellations to get them to client meetings on time and back home with their families… Lumo is a tool that can help us assistants achieve “drama free” travel”  Executive Assistant at a global Management Consulting firm


“… a game-changer for how we manage meetings.”  Travel manager at a Fortune 100 company


“Predictive analytics brought to bear on proactive handling of flight disruptions, as being pursued by Lumo, promises to bring significant value to managing large groups and meeting events.”  Steve Clagg, Travel Technology Manager, Microsoft

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