Lumo featured in Fast Company

Today, JTV is announcing its investment in Lumo, a Boston B2B company that’s built technology aimed at predicting flight delays as much as three months in advance. Meant to help airlines plan their schedules months ahead as well as to give individual passengers a day or two of warning that their flight is going to be 30 minutes late, Lumo leverages its founders’ years of work in airspace modeling. It hopes airlines, business travelers, app providers, and others will become customers.

According to Lumo CEO Bala Chandran, the company uses machine learning to analyze a variety of signals, from historical weather patterns to what air-traffic controllers are saying, to known runway construction projects, and more—all to estimate flight delays. The sooner the flight, the more accurate the prediction is, of course, but Lumo believes that even historical patterns that can be intuited a couple of months in advance are useful to airlines that, for example, are trying to plan crew shifts. Another use case is for helping insurance companies price travel policies.

Lumo’s an example of a company that could integrate into JetBlue’s operations–or that of other airlines–in the short term.

Read the full piece about JetBlue Technology Ventures President Bonny Simi at

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