How Lumo’s delay forecasts work for the entire travel ecosystem

What would society be like if we didn’t have weather forecasts?

I’d be stressed out about my weekend camping trip; I’d be miserable because it would often be colder or warmer than I had expected; governments wouldn’t be able to plan for weather events; there would be devastating impacts on businesses; and society as a whole would be inefficient, unproductive, and unhappy.

That’s where we are today with flight delays—we live in a world where there is no consistent, accurate, ubiquitous source of flight delay forecasts, and this lack of visibility drives inefficiencies and poor customer experiences. At Lumo, we believe that accurate flight delay forecasts that are easily available to the entire travel ecosystem could fundamentally transform how we experience and manage travel disruptions.

The Lumo platform predicts the likelihood and magnitude of delay for any flight, anywhere in the world, up to three months out, and we make this data available to partners through APIs, data feeds, and mobile and web apps. The goal is simple but ambitious: to ensure that everyone—from airlines to passengers to travel agents—has the best information at their fingertips to help proactively manage disruptions and make travel more efficient and stress-free.

Here’s an overview of how Lumo’s predictions help different arms of the travel ecosystem; over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be diving deep into each of them. In the meantime, get in touch with us to learn more.

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